Teeth Bleaching

Teeth are harder than bone but yet they are porous. Stains accumulate in the teeth. Simple teeth whitening (teeth bleaching) can remove the stains for a more youthful white smile.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a process that removes stains and discoloration from teeth.

  • Discoloration can be the result of a combination of things:
  • Food stains (spaghetti sauce, strawberries, blueberries…etc)
  • Drink stains (coffee, tea, cokes…etc)
  • Genetics
  • The effects of aging
  • Smoking
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Accidents

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Teeth that are discolored because of certain medications that were taken during tooth formation are not good candidates for the whitening procedure. Veneers are the best solution for more severe discoloration cases. Once you are seen at our office, Dr. Nugent will let you know the best solution to achieve a white smile.

Take Home Teeth Whitening is the most proven cost effective way to whiten your smile. In office Laser Zoom procedures are painful, expensive and still rely on at home bleaching to achieve maximum whiteness. At home bleaching trays will get you to your maximum whiteness without the large cost of in-office bleaching.

First an impression of your teeth will be taken. It will be used by the lab to make a custom fitting tray that will hold the bleaching material. Your next appointment will be quick as we show you how to properly use your at home bleaching trays. Most patients see great results wearing the bleaching trays 20 to 30 minutes for about two weeks. Once you notice your teeth not getting any whiter, stop bleaching as you have reached your highest level of bleaching. Now the easy maintenance phase begins. In six to nine months when you notice your teeth are not as white, simply bleach your tooth for a day or two.

The initial two week bleaching was removing the stain you built up your entire life. Touch up bleaching just removes the stain that has accumulated since your last bleaching session. Long term dazzling white smiles are super easy to maintain.

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