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Implant Dentures Pasadena, Texas

Hate your dentures?Implant dentures give you the strongest possible hold.

Dentures can be perfect replacements for people who have lost all their natural teeth, but they are not ideal for everyone. Old fashioned dentures have a myriad of problems. Problems associated with denture wearers are 1) poor fit 2) looseness 3) cause painful ulcers on the gum tissue 4) inability to eat 5) movement while talking 6) accelerated jaw bone loss 7) messy denture adhesives and 8) frustration.

With modern implant dentistry patients no longer have to suffer. Dr. Nugent recommends implant-retained dentures as a better solution. The dentures are anchored into place via dental implants. The dental implant dentures are secure and stable. Dr. Nugent in Pasadena, Texas is one of the leading dental practices in region who performs the implant-retained dentures procedure.


Dental Implant Dentures Pasadnea Texas

Dr. Nugent begins by sedating you before placing two titanium dental implants into the jaw bone. Then over the course of a couple months Osseointegration takes place. This is a processes where the bone grows around and fuses with the dental implant. The implant is securely anchored into the jawbone. Then Dr. Nugent will take impressions to make new implant dentures or to convert your old fashioned dentures to implant dentures.




Helping patients get out of ill-fitting horrible dentures to implant retained dentures is one of the most gratifying dental experiences Dr. Nugent performs. When patients wear old fashioned dentures the quality of life is very poor. Their loose dentures dominate their day to day lives. But with dental implant dentures, Dr. Nugent can transform patients. Patients are so thankful and happy with their secure, comfortable and stable implant dentures.

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Dental Implant Dentures are the perfect solution to missing teeth, if you are in Pasadena or Deer Park, contact our office to schedule your dental implantĀ  consultation. Come see how Dr. Nugent is changing lives by giving people dentures they can eat with.