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Dental Sedaiton Pasadena Texas

Sedation Dentistry Pasadena, Deer Park Texas:

It is very common for people to be fearful of dental procedures and experience anxiety before and during their dental visit. To make your visit more enjoyable and relaxing, Dr. Nugent offers dental sedation.

With dental sedation, you will be able to hear, see and respond to Dr. Nugent. However, you will be so relaxed and comfortable there will be no anxiety.

The two kinds of sedation used in our office:

  • Inhalation sedation (Nitrous Oxide / Laughing Gas)
  • Oral sedation

Our Pasadena Dental Practice offers sedation dentistry. Dr. Nugent and his team are fully trained and certified by the State of Texas to administer sedation medication. Dr. Nugent will discuss what sedation option is best for you.



Advantages of laughing gas sedation:

  • Works great for mild to moderate anxiety
  • Rapid onset
  • Dosage can be easily changed
  • Can be used for any treatment length
  • Extremely safe
  • Patient can drive themselves after the dental appointment and return to normal activities immediately
  • Can be used with patients with Asthma. It is nonirritating to the mucous membranes and since anxiety can trigger an asthmatic episode, its anti-anxiety effects can reduce the possibility of an occurrence.

Disadvantages of dental inhalation sedation:

  • Not indicated for pregnant patients
  • Not indicated for patients with severe nasal congestion, those who breathe through their mouths, or those unable to wear a nasal mask.

What is Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) sedation?

Nitrous oxide (N2 O) is commonly known as laughing gas. It was discovered in 1793 by the English scientist Joseph Priestly and has been used for more than 150 years. It has become one of the most widely used sedation drugs in dentistry.

What can I expect from Nitrous Oxide?

When seated in the treatment area, Dr. Nugent will place a small mask over your nose to deliver the gas mixture. When your dental treatment is completed, the nitrous oxide is turned off and you will be given 100 percent oxygen until you feel completely normal. When the effects of the nitrous oxide have completely worn off, you will feel fully awake, alert and not fell “hungover”. You can drive yourself home and do anything else you would do during a normal day.

Nitrous Oxide Pasadena Texas Dentist

Oral Sedation

Advantages of oral sedation:

  • Easy to administer; just swallow a small pill
  • Extremely safe
  • Works well for most people

Disadvantages of oral sedation:

  • The level of sedation is not easily changed
  • Someone must drive you to and from your dental appointment

How does oral sedation work?

Dr. Nugent will prescribe a pill to take an hour before your scheduled dental visit. You will take the pill at the office. It takes about forty-five minutes for the medication to start working. Soon you will start to feel drowsy and relaxed. You will be hooked up to a monitor that measures your vital signs. Next, Dr. Nugent will get you completely numb with local anesthesia.

When your treatment is completed, your friend or relative will drive you home. Once home you will take a wonderfully relaxing nap. When you are fully awake, you will feel comfortable, relaxed and free from stress. You will most likely remember nothing about your dental appointment as the oral medication has an amnesic property.



Don’t let fear or anxiety stop you from getting the dentistry you need. See why Dr. Nugent is a leader in Dental Sedation and an award winning dentist. Call our office today. We are located at 3421 Burke Rd, Pasadena, Texas 77504.