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Deer Park Texas Dental Implants

Deer Park Dental Implants:

Dr. Nugent what are some recent innovations in Dental Implant surgery?

The new 3D Imaging and Treatment Mapping X-rays and software have really changed the way Dr. Nugent work with dental implants. In the past, all Dr. Nugent had was flat two-dimensional x-ray images. Now with three-dimensional X-rays great planning and better implant placement is possible. Anatomical structures can be planned for and avoided.

The advanced highly detailed computer renderings allow Dr. Nugent to analyze the patient’s jaw without surgery. Dental implant placement is now extremely accurate. The computer models save time and money. Patient’s recovery time is shortened because surgeries are less invasive.

Dr. Michael Nugent DDS

The three-dimensional images enable the Dr. Nugent to assess bone levels and to locate nerves, blood vessels and sinuses before the surgery. Precise implant locations are found prior to the surgery. The technology gives Dr. Nugent and his Oral Surgeons a dramatic map of the patient’s facial structure and allows the doctors to completely plan the procedure in advance.

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Dr. Nugent devotes a large part of his Pasadena, Texas Dental Office to dental implants. We have patients travel from all around to come visit us. However, the bulk of our patients are from Pasadena and Deer Park Texas. Patient come to visit Dr. Nugent because they want the best in dental implant therapy.


Deer Park Texas Dental Implants

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