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Dr. Nugent sets the highest standard in cosmetic and implant dentistry in Pasadena and surrounding areas. Dr. Nugent use the latest technology in the industry such as:

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Most importantly, Dr. Nugent works hard to methodically craft high quality, comfortable dental implant teeth for patients. Furthermore, he helps patients with old fashioned dentures chew again with dental implant dentures. Our office is committed to providing beautiful, healthy smiles that last a lifetime!

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Dental Implants May Be Ideal if:

If you are suffering from missing teeth or old dentures that do not fit right anymore. Then it is time for you to discover what modern dentistry can do with dental implants. Dental implants mimic your natural teeth and are non-removable. They improve your chewing function and prevent bone loss that happens once a tooth is lost. This bone preservation eliminates the aged, tired look from your face.

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Advantages of Implants

  • Longest lasting tooth replacement option
  • Implants can never get decay
  • Implants will never need a root canal
  • Most similar to natural teeth in look and feel
  • Can be placed without altering or grinding down nearby teeth
  • Only tooth replacement option that preserves jaw bone

Dental Implants by Dr. Michael Nugent

Do Implants Hurt?




At our Pasadena Texas dental office, we will help you achieve ideal dental health. See what modern dentistry can do for you. Please contact us for more information regarding implant dentistry and its benefits!

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